Finding and Evaluating Graduate Schools and Programs

Find Graduate Schools and Programs

These resources briefly outline academic programs, financial aid resources, cost of study, application requirements, exams required for admission and other information.

Evaluate Graduate Programs

Often, though not always, the quality of a graduate school is not as important as the quality of a graduate program and its faculty. Consider the following points to help you determine and eventually rank the quality of potential graduate programs.

  • Prestige/reputation of the institution/accreditation
  • Faculty/department reputation and interests
  • Size of departments
  • Specialization(s)
  • Special strengths and weaknesses
  • Student/Faculty ratio
  • Curriculum and services
  • Career placement services
  • Library and technology resources
  • Geographic location
  • Selectivity of admissions
  • Housing and facilities
  • Enrollment
  • Amount of financial support
  • Types of employment secured by graduates