The Neuroscience major offers an innovative and interdisciplinary curriculum that combines a rigorous grounding in the foundational principles of both biological and psychological science at all scales of organization from molecules to human and animal behavior to ecosystems. The program emphasizes coursework in biology and psychology focusing on the area where these two disciplines intersect with one another. Another integral aspect of the major are opportunities for supervised research with Biology or Psychology faculty and internships in neuroscience-related health care or biotechnology fields


Biology Core Courses

  • BI 111, 112 Concepts in Biology I and II
  • BI 113, 114 Concepts in Biology I and II Laboratory
  • BI 201, 203 Genetics and Evolution: Organisms to Populations (lecture and lab)
  • BI 202, 204 Ecology: Populations to Ecosystems (lecture and lab)
  • BI 399 Senior Seminar

Psychology Core Courses

  • PS 110 Introduction to Psychology
  • PS 201 Research Design & Analysis I

Neuroscience Core Courses

  • BI 205/PS350 Essentials of Neuroscience
  • BI 345 Neurobiology
  • PS 351 Brain & Behavior
  • BI 360 or BI 390 or PS 397 Supervised Resarch or Internship (at least 3 credits)

Neuroscience Elective Courses

Five Biology or Psychology electives from the following list.  Of these five elective courses, at least two must be from Biology and two must be from Psychology.

  • BI 255 or BI 305 Animal Behavior or Behavioral Neurobiology
  • BI 299 Neuroscience elective
  • BI 306 Pharmacology
  • BI 311, 313 Cell Biology w/lab
  • PS 335 Human and Animal Learning
  • PS 352 Hormones and Behavior
  • PS 353 Neuropharmacology
  • PS 389 Special Topics in Neuroscience

Required Supporting Courses

  • CH 151, 152, 153, 154 General Chemistry I & II w/Lab
  • CH 221, 223 Organic Chemistry I w/ Lab
  • MA 131 Elementary Statistics
  • At least 4 credits in physics at the 100 level or above
  • One other mathematics course: MA 140 or above; MA 151 is recommended