Coastal & Marine Science

The Coastal & Marine Science major combines a rigorous grounding in the foundational principles of biological science at all scales of organization from molecules to ecosystems with significant coursework in coastal science, marine science, ecology, conservation biology, environmental restoration, and related areas of the biological sciences. The curriculum offers students the opportunity for "real world" experiences through fieldwork in courses, independent research projects, and internships with outside partner organizations. Majors are well prepared for numerous job opportunities in coastal/marine/ecological research and environmental management. In addition, students in this track are very well prepared to continue their education in numerous graduate programs.


Biology Core Courses

  • BI 111, 112 Concepts in Biology I and II
  • BI 113, 114 Concepts in Biology I and II Laboratory
  • BI 201, 203 Genetics and Evolution: Organisms to Populations (lecture and lab)
  • BI 202, 204 Ecology: Populations to Ecosystems (lecture and lab)
  • BI 399 Senior Seminar

Coastal & Marine Science Core Courses

  • BI 274 Coastal Management
  • BI 278 Coastal Ecology
  • BI 3xx GIS for Environmental Applications
  • BI 360 or BI 390 Supervised Research or Internship (at least 3 credits)

Coastal & Marine Science Elective Courses

Three Biology courses at the 200-level or higher are required, with at least two courses from the environmental area of study. Of these three elective courses at least one must be at the 300-level and at least two must include a lab (including the elective at the 300-level). BI 206/208 Anatomy & Physiology I is an exception and does not satisfy one of these elective requirements. BI 207/209 Anatomy & Physiology II can satisfy one of these elective requirements.

Required Supporting Courses

  • CH 151, 152, 153, 154 General Chemistry I & II w/Lab
  • CH 221, 223 Organic Chemistry I w/ Lab
  • MA 131 Elementary Statistics
  • At least 4 credits in physics at the 100 level or above
  • One other mathematics course: MA 140 or above; MA 151 is recommended
  • HI 251 History of Coastal Communities in the North Atlantic, 1500-Present
  • SO 258 Society and the Environment
  • EC 203 Principles of Macroeconomics

Environmental Biology Area

  • BI 210 Plant Biology
  • BI 230 Microbiology
  • BI 240 Invertebrate Biology
  • BI 245 Vertebrate Biology
  • BI 255 Animal Behavior
  • BI 260 Marine Biology
  • BI 265 Conservation Biology
  • BI 274 Coastal Management
  • BI 276 Oceanography
  • BI 278 Coastal Ecology
  • BI 305 Behavioral Neurobiology