Kirk Bartholomew, Ph.D.

Kirk Bartholomew, Ph.D.

Assistant Chair of Biology , Biology

Area of Specialization: Microbiology

Teaching Responsibilities

    • BI 230 Microbiology
    • BI 210 Plant Biology
    • BI 235 Principles of Biotechnology
    • BI 111/113 Concepts in Biology I
    • BI 112/114 Concepts in Biology II‎

Research Interests and Grants

    Dr. Bartholomew is a molecular geneticist with a research interest in the application of recombinant and genomic DNA technology to a broad range of biological research questions. One long-term interest is investigation of the genetic control of sexual development in basidiomycete fungi, a system where the specific mechanisms of control are evolutionarily related to systems controlling developmental gene expression in most genera of eukaryotic organisms. 

    A related interest of Dr. Bartholomew's is the application of population genetic and genomic techniques to investigate ecological questions; for example, a recently completed study in collaboration with Drs. Beekey and Mattei involved analysis of the genetic health and diversity of the population of horseshoe crabs in Long Island Sound. 

    He is open to accepting students into any of his current research projects and also to developing original ideas for the application of molecular techniques to other questions of biological interest in collaboration with students and faculty.

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Kirk Bartholomew

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