3+2 Engineering Program

SHU Engineering Students

Students spend 3 years at SHU followed by 2 more years at one of our partner engineering schools (Columbia & RPI), and earn bachelor’s degrees in both a liberal arts discipline (from SHU) and an engineering major (from Columbia or RPI) at the end of the five year program. The combination of a broad liberal arts background and a technical engineering degree prepares students to work as leaders in engineering and science fields; the dual degrees make 3+2 Engineering Program graduates highly sought after in the job market. With a grounding in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, SHU 3+2 Program students are particularly poised to apply engineering design in the service of the human community.

Sacred Heart University also offers an undergraduate Computer Engineering program.

SHU Majors: Chemistry or Math

Engineering Majors: Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Industrial Management Engineering, Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering

Each engineering major has specific prerequisite courses required for admission to that program, and are easiest to complete when paired with particular SHU degrees. Some tracks may require an overload or summer coursework to fully complete within 3 years. Prospective engineering students will receive a dedicated advisor to help them navigate the 3+2 program options and ensure compliance with program requirements, including application of any relevant AP/transfer credits.

5 Program Tracks

Admission Criteria for Engineering Programs at Columbia* & RPI

  • Overall GPA: 3.30 for RPI; 3.50 for Columbia
  • Pre-engineering courses GPA: 3.30 average for RPI; no course below 3.0 for Columbia 
  • Completion of all pre-engineering foundation prerequisite courses for intended engineering major
  • Completion of SHU major & degree requirements

*For AY2017-2018, 3+2 students meeting Columbia requirements will receive guaranteed admission. For AY2019 and future classes, 3+2 students will receive priority admission to Columbia.

Students who fail to meet one of the criteria may still apply to RPI or Columbia and will be considered in their competitive transfer applicant pool.

How does Tuition/Financial Aid Work?

Standard SHU financial aid process & award package applies for the first 3 years, then student pays all applicable tuition & fees at the partner engineering school for the final 2 years. Scholarships offered by SHU will only apply in the first 3 years and do not carry over. Students are eligible for financial aid and scholarships at the partner institution just as any other student.

If I play a sport at SHU, what happens when I transfer to RPI or Columbia?

Student-athletes from SHU are not guaranteed spots on RPI/Columbia teams but may contact coaches to try out. SHU athletic scholarships will not carry over but student may be eligible for funds from partner school.