University Undergraduate Learning Goals

Consistent with its status as a comprehensive institution of higher learning and its emphasis on a liberal arts foundation, the Catholic intellectual traditions, and professional preparation, students at Sacred Heart will be expected to:

  1. Read widely and deeply and explore the wealth of human knowledge and accomplishment. 

  2. Develop the skills of analysis and evaluation of arguments and evidence to the extent that they can discern errors and biases, including their own.

  3. Demonstrate a mastery of the methods of an academic discipline and an interdisciplinary perspective for real-world problem solving and in full recognition of the standards and practices of their chosen profession.

  4. Achieve clarity and confidence and an awareness of audience in written and oral communication across appropriate technologies.

  5. Exercise finely honed and independent aesthetic judgments and understand how curiosity, imagination, and creativity contribute to a meaningful and happy life.

  6. Appreciate the importance of family and faith, while developing a genuine empathy and respect for other people and the diversity of cultures.

  7. Act in a manner informed by ethical reasoning and civic and global responsibility.

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