Academic Festival 2017

Academic Festival 2017

Academic Festival Logo reduced sizeThe annual Academic Festival, held every April and organized by the Committee for Undergraduate Research, is the culmination of all the activities related to undergraduate research at the University.

This Year's Winners

Ewelina Zambrzycka and Jenna Santangelo (Biology), "Butyl Benzyl Phthalate or BBP, a Commonon Ingredient in Plastics, Induces Caudal Defects During Embryonic Development" (Best Natural or Social Science)

Sean Jackson (Sociology), "White Perceptions of Racial Inequality and Attitudes towards Black Lives Matter movement"

Martha Sepulveda, Nick Faulise, and Joseph Klein (Biology/Ecology), "A Unique Approach to Restoring Coastal Habitats, Cap Heavy Metals, Abate Wave Energy, and Allow Successful Horseshoe Crab Spawning"

Sarah Aanonsen (Chemistry), "Multi-Regression Factors Influencing Textile Dye Absorption on Activated Carbon"

Kristin Zimmerman (Sociology), "Use of Academic Resources Among Different Socioeconomic Classes"

Kelly Brown, Jennifer Hagedorn, and Melissa Yacubich (Psychology), "Effects of Estrogen and Bisphenol-A Exposure During Adolescent Development: A Behavioral Analysis"

Justin Lee, Caitlin McMahon, Samantha O'Brien, Leah Ryan, Alexandra Mango, and Brianna Novio (Psychology), "Reactions to Supporters of the 2016 Presidential Candidates"

Pedrica Belizaire and Scott Russo (Biology), "Song Complexity Increases During White-Handed Gibbon (Hylobates lar) Duets"

Steve Frappier, Shayelah Rooney, and Jenna Rondeau (Biology), "Geospatial Grey Areas: Utilizing GIS to Analyze Coastal Land Use Patterns"

Maxwell Trudeau (Biology), "Dietary Fatty Acid and Neurogenesis: Identification of Specific Fatty Acids Correlated with Neurogenesis in European Starlings (Sturnus Vulgaris)"

Brianna Chiaraluce, Allison Courtemanche, and Melissa Weaver (Psychology), "The Effect of Enrichment Research on Visitor Behavior"

Adyel Duran (Global Studies, Theology & Religious Studies), "The Alleviation of Slum Poverty in the Philippines: A Critical Examination of Poverty Reduction Programs" (Best Non-natural or Social Science--tie)

Allison Gibbons (Exercise Science), "Observational and Biomechanical Assessment of Eating Behaviors in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)" (Best Non-natural or Social Science--tie)

Christopher Blazek and Shaun Sullivan (Computer Science), "Mindset: The 2.5D Platformer"

Matthew Manzo (Exercise Science), "The Effect of BCAA Supplementation on Mental Performance Following Exercise"

Kylie Calandra (Exercise Science), "Influence of Holding a Lacrosse Stick on Landing Mechanics"

Melissa Ferlo (Exercise Science), "Assessment of YBT Performance in Athletes that Participate in Asymmetrical Sports"

Michael Giambrone (Exercise Science), "Influence of Placement on the Validity of RunScribe"

Kelsey Foster (Exercise Science), "Inter-Professional Education and Practice in Autism Spectrum Disorders"

Nicole Perin and Jessica Dubbioso (Exercise Science), "Associations Among Physical Activity and Pregnancy Health Complications in Low-Income Women"

Sarah Nacci (Exercise Science), "Assessment and Perceptions of the Built Environment among College Aged Runners"

Cody Richard and Leanne Scorcia (Computer Science), "Anatomy of Fencing"

Kimberly McNally (Exercise Science), "Comparing MVPA, Energy Expenditure, RPE, and Enjoyment of a U12 Boys Soccer Team During a Non-competition ('friendly') Game vs a Competition ('league') Game"

Emily Nevola (Exercise Science), "A Clinical Case Study: Using Yoga to Improve Functional Communication in an Adolescent with Autism Spectrum Disorder"

Sarah Bent (Exercise Science), "Knowledge of Iron Deficiency vs Toxicity in College-level Distance Runners"

Karlee Picard (Exercise Science), "Effect of Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Supplementation on Running Economy: A Pilot Investigation"

Gabrielle Barberi (Mathematics), "Single Vertex Flat Foldability" (Best Paper Presentation/Talk)

Zoƫ Kelly (Economics), "Air Pollution and Life Expectancy"

To access the full set of papers and posters for this year's Festival, visit our site on Digital Commons.