Judicial Branch of Connecticut’s Experiential Learning program

Student: Danielle Damiano*
Mentor: Susan Gannon
Major: Psychology

My talk will discuss the experiences I had as an intern in the clerk’s office through the Judicial Branch of Connecticut’s Experiential Learning program. I would like to not only discuss the ways in which I enjoyed the experience, but also the ways I felt that my experience could’ve improved. I will touch upon the everyday tasks I would perform in the clerk’s office, as well as the progression I made in performing them. I will include detail about the experience I had sitting in criminal court and observing the proceedings. I will discuss the exposure I had with the public, as well as personnel within the courthouse. From these relationships, I will talk about the observations I made concerning the perceptions these two groups of people have on each other. From these observations, I have learned what to take with me into my future career as a forensic psychologist, and what to leave behind.

*Honors Senior