Mathematics and Intercultural Competence in the Middle School

Student: Christopher Bennett
Mentor: Jason Molitierno
Major: Mathematics

As today's world becomes increasingly globalized, there exists a greater need to develop intercultural competence (ICC) in children through education. Through a partnership with the Farmington (CT) School District, three interdisciplinary units were designed to develop ICC in sixth grade students, but lack assessment tools that track this development over the course of a school year. With a focus on Michael Byram's model of ICC, we created two assessment tools - a survey to assess attitudes towards and knowledge of cultures and learning across content areas, and a rubric to assess interactions and reflections - that we plan to use in Farmington in the upcoming year. We are also interested in the relationship between math and ICC, and created lesson plans for 3rd, 6th, and 9th grades that serve as examples and incorporate ICC and the Common Core standards.