Beyond the Desk

Student: Emily Archacki*
Mentor: Sara Ross
Major: Digital Communications

Imagine you are a student in a classroom. You are listening to the professor at the front of the class discuss the course topic. But then they go off on a tangent and story about a personal experience with the subject manner. Then you think to yourself, “I wonder what this professor does outside of the classroom?” How did they end up teaching at Sacred Heart University? How did they become interested in their field of study? What previous experience do they have in a professional setting? Such as working at a leading news organization, operating equipment on the sideline of a sports event, writing press releases for major PR organizations, or working on the set of a well known film or television program? “Beyond the Desk,” is a series of short video profiles on faculty members within the Sacred Heart School of Communication & Media Arts. The goal of “Beyond the Desk” is to allow students, fellow faculty and staff to discover the answers to these questions and many more. My presentation will incorporate a poster presentation outlining the production process of the series; visuals of my website; photos of the faculty members profiled, including brief bullet points with information from their interviews; as well as a quote from the interview(s) that I feel represents the individual. I will also have my laptop present with me in case an individual visiting the presentation would like to view the brief 3-5 minute interviews. Through my presentation I hope to allow individuals to get to know Sacred Heart professors “Beyond the Desk.”

*Honors Senior