Biology Abstracts

Abstracts of Biology Posters

1.  The Dynamics of Sonic hedgehog Function in Frog Limb Development [Balestrieri*, Sollars, Garside and Riggs]

2.  Identification of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms for Discrimination Between Four Common Brewery Strains of Yeast [Boffice] - This poster is a No Show

3.  Avian migratory flight & oxidative stress: the impact of exercise on erythrocytic antioxidant defense systems in european starlings, sturnus vulgaris [Bohannon and Trudeau]

4.  Cadmium Exposure May Not Induce Oxidative Damage in Horseshoe Crab Embryos [Brideau*, Harris, Hutch and Lynch] 

5.  Effects of clutch size and hatching weight on nestling growth rates in European Starlings, Sturgis vulgaris [Cruz] 

6.  Bringing sexy bladderwrack: temporal change in macroalgal diversity and percent cover in dingle, ireland [D'Adamo and Zimmerman] 

7.  An Analysis of Vocal Interruptions During Lar Gibbon Duets [DaSilva, Williams and Haynes] 

8.  Influence of habitat on abundance and distribution: do juvenile horseshoe crabs give a crab? [DiPietro, Diaz, Ramirez, Rooney and Scarano] 

9.  A proposed method for evaluating vocal fold permeability following chemical damage [Gunneson*] 

10.  α6 and β4 integrin subunits mediate outgrowth of axons on laminin [King] 

11.  Meiofaunal and algal distribution patterns in Spartina alterniflora marshes along the U.S. Atlantic coast [Logosh] 

12.  Isolation and Characterization of a Yeast Isolated From Spontaneous Secondary Fermentation of a Barrel-Aged Beer [Martins] 

13.  Developmental cardiotoxicity of glyphosate, the main ingredient in round-up® herbicides [Ochs, Anderson and Zambrzycka] 

14.  A comparison of aquatic community composition within plots of invasive Myriophyllum spicatum and native Elodea canadensis [Smith and Mignogni]