Introduction to Simulation Scenarios †

Student: Daphney Anicette*
Mentor: Susan Goncalves
Major: Nursing 

The utilization of simulation in undergraduate nursing programs has become more prevalent as a teaching strategy that supports students to develop, strengthen and enhance their knowledge, skills and critical thinking. The simulation learning experiences at Sacred Heart University School of Nursing undergraduate department provides students the opportunity to practice skills with hands-on interactive learning experiences in a safe and non-threatening environment. The simulation experiences strengthen the link between theory and clinical practice in a variety of undergraduate courses. When clinical scenarios are depicted students are faced with the same anxiety and stressors as with live patients, these experiences are evaluated the same as clinical days. In addition to the scenario itself, students are required to participate in pre-simulation work consisting of reading pre-sim quiz, debriefing after the simulation scenario, and post-sim work including a quiz and electronic health record documentation. This capstone project was designed to orient undergraduate nursing students and provide them with an introductory video that discusses the pertinent components of simulation prior to entering the simulation lab. Demonstrations of each aspect of simulation are depicted in the video to provide students with a visual reference of simulation experience expectations. The anticipated outcome of this video focuses on students’ qualitative feedback measured via journaling about their self -perceptions of readiness when beginning and participating in their simulation experiences providing safe and efficient patient care.

*Honors Seniors

† Special Honors Project