Alma Mater

50th Anniversary Alma Mater

In celebration of the University’s 50th Anniversary in 2013, Sacred Heart University President Dr. John Petillo commissioned a new festive version of the Alma Mater tune, to be used going forward in academic convocations, graduations and University events. Dr. Petillo requested that Sacred Heart University have an Alma Mater that is up-tempo, lively and spirited as a reflection of the tremendous success and goodwill that the University has brought about throughout its 50 years. Dr. John Michniewicz, Director of Choral Programs for the Student Life division, composed this enthusiastically received version for choir, soloists and band.

Listen to SHU's 50th Anniversary Version of Our Alma Mater

50th Anniversary Alma Mater Sheet Music

35th Anniversary Alma Mater

On the occasion of its 35th anniversary in 1998, Sacred Heart University adopted its official Alma Mater. Literally meaning "nourishing mother," the traditional title refers to the University as a sustaining influence in the lives of the men and women who are educated here. Our inspiring anthem is sung at all University academic convocations.

Listen to SHU's Alma Mater

Alma Mater Music Sheet