Skype Helps SHU Examine Relationship between Faith, Science

News Story: November 5, 2018

Brother Guy Consolmagno talks to Sacred Heart University students via SkypeSacred Heart University students, faculty and community members gathered in the Frank and Marisa Martire Business & Communications Center theater recently for a Skype call with Brother Guy Consolmagno in Italy to discuss the relationship between faith and science. The conversation was part of the University’s Human Journey Colloquia Series.

Consolmagno is director of the Vatican Observatory and president of the Vatican Observatory Foundation. His discussion focused on how faith and science can work alongside one another rather than as competing ideologies. He also covered the Big Bang Theory and the struggles college students experience with their faith while living in an academic setting.

“You need faith and you need reason; they are both important. That is certainly true,” Consolmagno said. “But you also have to ask yourself, ‘What is the point of having both?’ The answer is to use them in the contemplation of truth. At the end of the day, it’s truth that we are after–not faith or reason.”

The theater was packed to capacity. Attendees enjoyed the hour-long conversation and had the opportunity to ask Consolmagno questions throughout his presentation.