Employer Provided Health Insurance: Are Two Options Too Many?

News Story: November 10, 2017
Speaker Trevor Collier
Trevor Collier, Ph.D.

The Jack Welch College of Business will host University of Dayton Associate Professor of Economics and Finance Trevor Collier, Ph.D., for the 2017 Research Forum. He will present his paper, “Employer Provided Health Insurance: Are Two Options Too Many?”

Monday, November 13, at 11 a.m.
Martire Business & Communication Center – W310

Existing research compellingly shows that too many options can be overwhelming, even to the point of paralyzing people in the decision-making process. However, less has been written on how well people make choices when faced with two options. In this paper we seek to add to this discussion by utilizing a proprietary database to analyze how well people repeatedly choose between two different health insurance plans offered by their employer. This is extremely important in helping to inform policy, not only at the individual-firm level, but also at the state and federal levels, as policymakers try to combat the complex and growing problem of access and cost of health care.