Professor Receives 2017 Kooshk Artist Residency Award

News Story: March 28, 2017
A still from Shanshan Wang's W.R.O.N.G. Experiment I, a live analog audio-visual performance based on the variations of electronic signal to convert both image and sound signals to one soul. 

Shanshan Wang, assistant professor at Sacred Heart University’s School of Communication and Media Arts, has received the international Kooshk Artist Residency Award (KARA).

The award annually offers a non-political, fully funded, one-month residency in Tehran, Iran, where outstanding artists of various disciplines can interact, create and develop new ideas. Among 375 applications from 90 countries, Wang is one of four selected to receive the 2017 KARA. She will head to Tehran in May.

The experimental filmmaker and video artist responded to an open call for KARA submissions last October, sending examples of her work and a proposal that focused on virtual reality’s potential as a new, artistic form of activism. She said the award will enable her to “exchange ideas and work with local and international artists, critics and researchers.”

While she is there, the Kooshk Residency will arrange several public and private talks, workshops, an open studio and educational activities. “I will be introduced to other cultural and artistic organizations in Tehran and build a vast network of artistic affiliations,” Wang said. In addition, there will be a public exhibition of work by Wang and the other three KARA recipients at the end of the residency.

In addition to the KARA funded trip to Iran, Wang was invited to Tees Valley, England, as the artist in residence at The Auxiliary, a multi-disciplinary space that includes studios, a gallery and a sound lab. Once there, she will produce work for the inaugural Middlesbrough Art Festival.  Upon the completion of her residency in England, she will have a solo exhibition.    

Wang has also been offered a one-month residency to produce a solo exhibition with the Fusion Art Gallery, a non-profit organization and an independent art gallery in the center of Turin, Italy.