SHU Produces PSA for Fairfield Fire Department

News Story: January 26, 2017

Sacred Heart University recently extended its media expertise to the Fairfield Fire Department for creation of a public service announcement (PSA) highlighting the department’s dedication to the town.

The University’s production team—directed by School of Communication & Media Arts Professor Richard Falco, also includes Professor Gregory Golda, graduate student Sean Elliott and SHU alumnus Manny Santiago. The team worked with Lt. Robert Smith of the Fairfield Fire Department to put the project together.

The PSA focuses on some of the important jobs firefighters tackle for their 32-square-mile community.

“The goal for creating this PSA is to allow the fire department to better inform the community, to help them in terms of media—since they do not have the means to create this on their own—and give them some quality content they can use,” said Falco.

The PSA is a short video showing a number of services provided by the fire department. There will be additional promotional clips added at the end with more individualized information, such as a reminder to change batteries in smoke detectors, or directions on how to escape a house fire.

Falco explained that the PSA was created in such a way that it can be used in any manner the fire department desires. It is appropriate to show in community presentations, display on a website and air on TV.

The production team organized the PSA as an act of community service. “This is our way of connecting with and contributing to the community. It is directly related to Sacred Heart University’s mission and is very much in line with who we are and what we do. Because the fire department is such an essential component in terms of service here in Fairfield, I thought that this opportunity would be beneficial for all involved,” said Falco.

He hopes to continue with projects like this in the future, along with SHU’s media and communications program.

“I think now that the Frank and Marisa Martire Center is here in a real way, we have the opportunity to create some really dynamic media. With this PSA as a prime example, we’re reaching out into the community and starting to connect those dots,” said Falco.

To watch the PSA, click here