Student Receives Global Cybersecurity Scholarship

News Story: April 11, 2017
                                                                       Pranavansh Mutyala

Sacred Heart University School of Computing graduate student Pranavansh Mutyala recently received the Cisco Global Cybersecurity Scholarship, which will provide training for him to receive certification in the field.

In an era that has seen significant digital and technological advances, governments, businesses and organizations have become increasingly reliant on the protection of cybersecurity. However, as cyber attacks continue to pose threats, there is a shortage of IT professionals with cybersecurity skills.

Therefore, to encourage more IT professionals to gain those skills, Cisco has introduced its Global Cybersecurity Scholarship Program. Cisco will invest $10 million in this program to help increase the number of IT professionals proficient in cybersecurity.

The application process required Mutyala to pass two exams, after which he was deemed a Cisco scholar and eligible for the scholarship.

“Pranavansh is an excellent student who consistently goes above and beyond. He is a very driven student who strives to continually learn new technologies and techniques. He always helps his fellow students, and he is a pleasure to have in class,” said Professor Greg Kyrytschenko. Kyrytschenko is the associate director of the Master of Science in Cybersecurity program. 

In partnership with Cisco-authorized learning partners, the scholarship offers three courses: “Introduction to Cybersecurity,” “Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Fundamentals” and “Implementing Cisco Cybersecurity Operations.” There are also two accompanying Cisco CCNA Cyber Ops exams, as well as mentoring and coaching for each course.

The scholarship covers the cost of these courses, mentoring, coaching and exam fees.

Mutyala began the courses in December and, upon completing the training, he will receive a CCNA Cyber Ops certification.

“This scholarship will definitely help me a lot in my career. Any IT security training and Cisco certifications in the IT industry mean a lot when it comes to being introduced to various environments and various technologies out there,” said Mutyala. “Along with the Certified Hacker IT certificate—which I already have—other technical certifications like Cisco CCNA Cyber Ops would provide me a boost in both career and knowledge.”