SHU Offers Fairfield Police Half Off Tuition for Graduate Degrees

News Story: May 10, 2016

Sacred Heart University recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Fairfield that provides its police officers an opportunity to obtain certain graduate degrees there at half the standard tuition cost.

Officers will be able to participate in the master of arts in criminal justice (MACJ) and master of science in cybersecurity at the Fairfield campus in an on-site format.

Fairfield Police Chief Gary MacNamara said he welcomes the agreement. “I’m a firm believer in education,” MacNamara said. “While we provide our officers financial relief to get their bachelor’s degree, we’ve never had the ability for additional opportunities like this. I think this agreement will benefit not only our department, but also the community and our ongoing relationship with Sacred Heart.”

There are numerous benefits to the arrangement, according to James McCabe, criminal justice department chair and associate professor. “Officers have an incentive to get education beyond an undergraduate degree,” McCabe noted. “This will help mid-career officers in all ranks. It will also attract more students to MACJ and help us spread the word about this terrific program.”

After notifying officers of the agreement, MacNamara said he already has heard from a number of them indicating their interest, ranging from seasoned veterans with 20 years of service to much newer members of the force.

“We are very fortunate to have officers that have a variety of different experiences,” the chief said. “Some come to us fresh out of college, some graduated years ago, and some come to us with a great deal of life and work experiences. All contribute to make our department more prepared to help make our community safer. This program allows our officers who desire to further their education, with the opportunity to do so.”