SHU Enters Partnership with Japan’s Kyoei University

News Story: May 2, 2016

Sacred Heart University has solidified another overseas partnership, this time with Kyoei University in Japan. Kyoei University, located in Kasukabe City, was established in 2001. Under the leadership of newly elected University President Akira Kato, Kyoei launched a new global education strategy aimed at educating students on the importance of international business. 

“Sacred Heart was first approached by Kyoei University, requesting a partnership that would begin with English language students, through the programming and services provided by our English Language Institute,” said Carrie Wojenski, SHU’s executive director of Global Affairs.

“As this partnership develops, the two universities can begin to engage in faculty collaboration and student programming that is major-specific,” said Wojenski. “We hope to get to the point in our relationship where SHU faculty and students can collaborate online and participate in short-term programs at Kyoei University in Japan.”

Officials from both universities—including the presidents, John J. Petillo and Kato—recently gathered at SHU’s Fairfield campus to sign a memorandum of understanding between the schools.

The first group of students from Kyoei will participate in an English language and cultural immersion program at SHU.