ESL Program to Be Offered at New African University

News Story: May 26, 2016

An ESL class at SHU

The English Language Institute at Sacred Heart University has partnered with The American Campus (TAC) in Mauritius, Africa, to provide SHU’s online English as a Second Language (ESL) program to TAC’s students.

The American Campus is a new university founded by American educators and based on the American higher-education model. While its mission is to provide superior education that prepares students for the workforce, it describes its goals on its website as manifold: “To educate and strengthen Africa and Asia’s human capital to promote and sustain both continents’ role in the global economy; train students to be productive citizens and active participants in their country’s development; prepare our students for gainful employment; teach ethical values and good governance, and prepare them to be future leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs.”

The TAC further states on its website that it chose to partner with Sacred Heart because of SHU’s high-quality ESL programs. It also has partnered with Utah State University’s agribusiness and international agribusiness programs.

Carrie Wojenski, interim director of the English Language Institute, says this partnership offers TAC students ESL courses to increase their English language proficiency to prepare them to enroll in undergraduate and graduate studies at TAC.

“We are very excited to be partnered with TAC in its genesis,” Wojenski adds. “Our ESL collaboration provides SHU and TAC students an enriching opportunity to connect in the classroom, learn from one another and engage in meaningful exchange.”

The program is not credit-bearing; rather, students will receive a certificate of completion that prepares them for credit-bearing courses. The program comprises four levels, each containing four months of coursework, including presentations and activities in listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar.

Mauritius’ literacy rate is among the highest in the continent. It ranks first among Sub-Saharan African countries in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index. In addition, the Heritage Foundation ranks Mauritius first in Sub-Saharan Africa in its Index of Economic Freedom.

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