Professor Roney Discusses Ireland's Coastal Environment While on Sabbatical in Dingle

News Story: June 13, 2016

Sacred Heart University Professor John B. Roney has been presenting a variety of lectures on understanding the coastal environment in Ireland while on sabbatical in Dingle. The history professor plans to continue this work throughout the spring and summer.

Roney presented at a lecture sponsored by the Dingle Historical Society in April. The name of his paper was “Fishing for a Living in the Age of Oars and Sail.” He presented another paper at Trinity College Dublin in May titled “(mis)Managing Fisheries in the West Coast of Ireland in the 19th Century.” In June, Roney will present a paper titled, “Growing Awareness of Environmental Protection or Fear of Modernity? Controversies over Fishing in the West of Ireland, 1830-1880,” at a conference at the Society for the Study of Nineteenth-Century Ireland.

The topic of understanding Ireland’s coastal environment is an important one; it will be the theme of SHU’s international conference in Dingle next June