Tina Beattie is Speaker for Inaugural Curtis Lecture Series

News Story: September 17, 2015
               Tina Beattie

Sacred Heart University is announcing its inaugural series of Curtis Lectures to take place on three successive evenings—October 13-15. The series will be a biennial event honoring the University’s founder—Bishop Walter W. Curtis—and will showcase some of the best thinking in Catholic circles by some of the leading intellectual and spiritual pioneers.

This year’s event will feature a series of talks by Professor Tina Beattie, director of the Digby Stuart Research Centre for Religion, Society and Human Flourishing at the University of Roehampton. Much of her research focuses on the relationship between the Catholic tradition and contemporary culture, particularly in areas to do with gender, sexuality and reproductive ethics; Catholic social teaching and women’s rights; and theology and the visual arts.

Beattie will offer maternal reflections on three different topics on three successive evenings. On October 13, she will speak on “Creations and Creatures;” on October 14, her topic will be “Human Dignity and Women’s Rights and Maternal Ethics;” and on October 14, she will discuss “Sacramentality and the New Creation.” Beattie’s latest book, Theology and Postmodernity: divining the void—a Lacanian reading of Thomas Aquinas, will be available for sale, and she will sign copies. Karen Kilby, Bede Professor of Catholic Theology at Durham University, described Beattie and the book as “a—or perhaps the—leading feminist theologian of her generation, but she is never easily pigeonholed. If this is a challenging book, often involving, as she says at one point, ‘thinking on the edge of the thinkable,’ it is also rewarding in the way that her work usually is: by turns elusive, provocative and illuminating, but always adventurous and never falling into easily predicted patterns.”

Michael W. Higgins, vice president of Mission & Catholic Identity at SHU and organizer of the Curtis Lecture Series, says the program will “enhance SHU’s reputation as a national leader when it comes to the understanding and cultivation of the Catholic intellectual tradition. “Sacred Heart University is deeply connected with the traditions of Catholic intellectual and spiritual life, a continuing legacy from early church origins to post-Vatican II hermeneutical debates that has morphed, evolved and expanded over centuries. That is distinguished by the University’s capacity for engagement with, and not withdrawal from, the challenges posed by history, science and society,” he says.

The Curtis lectures will take place at 7:30 p.m. in the Schine Auditorium on SHU’s Fairfield campus. They are free and open to the public.