SHU Assists with Consumer Reports Testing

News Story: October 30, 2015
Consumer Reports Senior Test Program Leader Bernie Dietrick in the Bod Pod

A team from Consumer Reports was on site at Sacred Heart University this week to do research for an upcoming article in the magazine. The article will focus on scales that provide information beyond weight, such as body fat, water, bone mass, etc. To that end, the team visited SHU’s Life & Sport Analysis Clinic to have their body fat tested in the University’s Bod Pod. They will compare those results with the results they get on various “smart scales.”

Bernie Deitrick, senior test program leader at Consumer Report is grateful that SHU’s lab was available for the testing. “It’s nice that the lab is relatively close and open to the public,” he said.

Rich Marcello, clinical exercise scientist at SHU, says the lab offers a variety of programs to the general public and also to the SHU community at a discount. In addition to body fat testing, these include personal training, group exercise, physiology testing, biomechanical evaluations, use of an anti-gravity treadmill and more.

In addition to the magazine story, Consumer Reports plans to create a video piece on the scales that will most likely air nationally in January.