SHU to Offer Minor Concentration in Global Health

Nursing student Lauren Mruk teaches a Guatemalan child how to properly brush her teeth.

News Story: March 30, 2015

The College of Health Professions and Department of Global Studies at Sacred Heart University have announced the launch of a new global health concentration within the global studies minor program.

“Health care professionals are moving toward more of a global health focus due to the globalization of society,” says Christina Gunther, director of global health programs at SHU. “We’re responding to the demands of the 21st century to provide our students with competencies that are broad-based and multi-disciplinary, and that will prepare them for global health incidents.”

Students can begin earning the new minor concentration in the fall semester at the University’s Fairfield campus. The program comprises 18 credits, including two new courses: “Global Health Systems” and “Culture and Global Health.” The minor courses may also be taken as electives by students studying other disciplines.

“Especially with the shrinking of the world through travel, increased immigration and increased business transit, anyone in the health care profession needs to be prepared to care for patients who are affected by global health issues,” Gunther says. “Ebola was a perfect example of this in terms of how a developing nation’s health issue really affected the entire world and required health care professionals everywhere to prepare themselves to respond to the crisis.”

SHU’s College of Health Professions is committed to providing students with international opportunities to promote global health awareness and cultural competence and to engage in social justice. Global programs include short-term study abroad, mission and service learning, and clinical experiences in countries such as Guatemala, Jamaica, Haiti, Luxembourg and Ireland, among others.

For more information about the global health concentration of the global studies minor, please contact Lesley DeNardis, program director, Global Studies, at 203-371-7834 or