Trip to Washington D.C. Inspires Students

News Story: June 9, 2015

During the month of March, a group of Sacred Heart University students had the privilege of visiting our capital city with Professor Gary Rose. Rose, chair of the department of Government, Politics and Global Studies, previously ran eight trips to D.C. for presidential inaugurations. He decided to end that tradition in favor of a trip when the capital was less crowded, and the students could cover more ground during their visit. As a result, a group of 32 students had an opportunity to experience the full breadth and depth of the nation’s capital from March 20 – 22.

Their itinerary included a tour and briefing at the U.S. Supreme Court; a moonlit tour of Washington monuments, including Jefferson, Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Korea, Vietnam and WWII; a special tour of the U.S. Capitol arranged by Congressman Jim Himes’s office, a visit to the Smithsonian Museum and a free night for students to experience the nightlife of D.C. The group also sat in the gallery of the House of Representatives and even walked to the White House one evening and stood outside the gates.

They stayed in Arlington, Va., situated close to the Iwo Jima Marine Memorial and Arlington National Cemetery. It was a very educational experience and the group essentially had the nation’s capital to ourselves, Rose says.
“The trip was very interesting especially because it provided a lot of new insight,” says John McGeorge ‘17. “I definitely recommend it for anyone who wants a new experience for the history of their country and to get to know the intricacy of the United States Government.”
This opportunity was made possible in part because of a generous grant from Robin Cautin, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. “They were a wonderful group of students to work with, and I could tell that throughout the trip they were gaining an appreciation of the values upon which our country was founded—the true purpose of the trip,” says Rose. “I wanted students to feel and see the greatness of our country and to understand how exceptional the United States is compared to so many other countries around the globe. And I wanted them to understand how blessed they are to live in America.” It was a very successful excursion for both the students and Rose, who hopes to continue trips like this in the future.