SHU Supports Local Web-based Business

News Story: June 15, 2015

The Sacred Heart University Graduate Center at Landmark Square recently hosted an event for startup businesses presented by the Fairfield County Business Council. Mary Lou DeRosa, vice provost for Special Academic Programs, helped facilitate this event that enabled startup businesses to come together and meet with service providers and investors. “The room was packed,” DeRosa says, adding that she was especially excited by a young business called QuadJobs. A web-based college-aged job board based in Greenwich, QuadJobs was founded by Bridie Loverro, Andra Newman and Betsy O’Reilly.

The Career Center at SHU learned of the business last summer and has been promoting it to students ever since as a chance for them to make some extra money. Opportunities for work include business jobs, deliveries, errands, retail, seasonal hires, tech support, marketing/PR, internships and “household opportunities” such as tutoring, organizing, babysitting, catering, moving labor, housekeeping and more. The QuadJobs site is available only to active undergraduate and graduate students. Thirty-five percent of the postings are for babysitters. It only costs employers $8.95 a month to post jobs.

Initially, the team’s founders thought it would be mostly babysitting, but to their surprise and delight, the business has exploded. They even have a new office in Ohio as part of a national marketing plan. One of the many benefits is that when an employer uses a student who is registered with the site, they are able to rate them with a JobGPA, a useful component for students who are trying to build a solid résumé and display transferable skills to future employers.

“As college students back in the day, the three of us worked odd jobs to make extra money. Babysitting, piano lessons, tutoring—we were dedicated to these jobs, yet many were too brief to include on our résumés, says O’Reilly, who serves as CEO of the company. “Now every job a student takes—whether it lasts a day, a week, or a year—counts towards his or her work record, along with feedback from employers. Our students have something very real to show as they graduate and launch their careers.”

QuadJobs is ideal for college students as it allows them to build strong résumés, provides flexibility and helps them out with cash flow, something they obviously all need. “The students we’ve hired have consistently exceeded our expectations and added real value,” O’Reilly continues.

“It’s a win-win for everyone,” agrees DeRosa, “and a wonderful opportunity for SHU to be with a startup company.”

For more information about QuadJobs, visit www.quadjobs.com.