Health Science Presents Capstone Projects

News Story: June 1, 2015

Sacred Heart University hosted its annual Health Science Senior Capstone Poster Session recently with 20 students presenting their work. Professor Clotilde Dudley-Smith teaches the capstone course that all senior health science students must complete. Their research is based on an area of health care related to a specific treatment or intervention. The posters covered a variety of topics including art therapy on autism, red wine effects on health and cell phone use and infertility in males.

The course allows students to find the best available current research and apply evidence-based practices to real-world scenarios. Hannah DeSarro reported on modern cell phones and their relation to the rising infertility rates. “I wanted to see if there was a correlation between the use of modern cell phones and the effects of electromagnetic radiation,” she says. “My research surrounded male infertility and shed light on many potential issues. As research on male sperm is highly regulated, many ethical dilemmas surround this issue. The results of my research suggest there may be a correlation between the use of modern phones and male infertility; however, as of now, more research is needed to draw such a conclusion.”

Jenna Warman presented on “The Effect of Videogames on Adherence in Rehabilitation.” In her research, she investigated how videogames affected physical and occupational therapy patients. “My motivation to investigate this topic was my twin sister who had to go to physical and occupational therapy due to chronic Lyme disease,” she explains. “She often found her treatment plan repetitive, so I sought to find a way to make patients want to adhere to their treatment plans; videogames were the perfect tool to do this. I found that clinicians who utilized videogames as part of their treatment plans had better outcomes overall because patients had an easier time adhering to treatment.”

Dudley-Smith was impressed with the event and with the work of her students. “I am so proud of their effort and outcomes. To see them begin in January with uncertainty and then have the opportunity to see them confident and accomplished in May is extremely satisfying,” she said.

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