Annual History Lecture to Feature Brandeis’ Paul Jankowski: The Battle of Verdun

Paul Jankowski

News Story: February 25, 2015

Sacred Heart University will host “A Paradoxical Icon of the Great War: Verdun, 1916” as its Department of History Annual Lecture on Thursday, March 19, at 5 p.m. in University Commons. Interminable, indecisive and seemingly pointless, the battle of Verdun quickly acquired its status as one of the three or four iconic battles of the Great War on the Western Front. But even before it ended, French and Germans began remembering it in ways often at odds with its realities and with one another. Any understanding of war should encompass the construction as well as the experience of battle, never confusing the two but always attentive to their rich and reciprocal ties. This talk offers a tentative attempt to do so.

Paul Jankowski, Raymond Ginger Professor of History at Brandeis University, teaches the history of modern Europe, France in particular, as well as the history of wars and warfare, especially those of the 20th century.

The event is free and open to the public.