SHU to Host Seventh Annual Relay For Life

News Story: April 14, 2015

Sacred Heart University will hold its seventh annual Relay For Life fundraiser on Friday, April 24, at 6 p.m. in SHU’s William H. Pitt Center. The event is free, and anyone from the community is welcome to participate. To create or join a team, or to make a donation, please visit www.relayforlife.org/sacredheart.

The theme of the year is Game Night, with a play-on-words slogan: “Life may be a Twister, but SORRY cancer, We Are in it to Win it.” Relay For Life at Sacred Heart is organized by students in support of the American Cancer Society. The vision for this year is to raise close to $50,000 and to make the event more theme-oriented than ever before. Last year, the event raised $44,000, and while this year’s goal is ambitious, committee members hope their hard work will pay off.

Relay For Life is made up of many different teams, consisting of friends, campus clubs, alumni, Greek Life organizations and more. There are currently 341 people and 48 teams registered, which is a record for this event. Lily DiPaola ’16, who is co-chairing the event with Olivia Traina ’17, says most students choose to participate “because, unfortunately, we’ve all known someone who has had cancer, and we know how hard the journey can be. Relay for Life is a community event where everyone comes together to celebrate the fight and supports each other, so it’s a very comforting and welcoming environment.”

The night will include games like giant Operation and bubble soccer, but also fun and creative homemade games. Moreover, the committee is trying to put together “Relay-Care,” or specific games and activities tailored to young children who come with their families. This would allow parents to enjoy the evening while their children are entertained.

This year’s event will be similar to past Relays, but this time around, the committee is trying to maximize its resources as much as possible, with the addition of many exciting activities and games. “Our committee was really thinking above and beyond and out of the box this year, and we tried really hard to make all of those crazy ideas come true,” DiPaola says. “We have a lot of faith that it will all come together to be the vision that we have been working towards all year!”