Professors Publish 3rd Edition of Nursing Textbook

Professors Susan DeNisco and Anne Barker

News Story: April 13, 2015

Nursing Professors Susan DeNisco and Anne Barker have published the 3rd edition of their text book, Advanced Practice Nursing: Evolving Roles for the Transformation of the Profession. Jones and Bartlett Learning are publishers. This book is a core advanced practice text used in both master’s level and doctor of nursing practice programs. It is framed around the AACN’s Master’s Essentials as well as the Essentials for Doctoral Education featuring the most up-to-date content on each set of Essentials. Throughout this new edition, DeNisco and Barker address the rapid changes in the health care environment with a special focus on health care finance, electronic health records, quality and safety as well as emerging roles for the advanced practice nurse. Patient care in the context of the advanced nursing role is also discussed.