Senator Chris Murphy Commends SHU Safe Application

Senator Chris Murphy talks about SHU Safe during the press conference. From left are Stephanie Trelli, Nicole Gittleman, Murphy and President John Petillo.

News Story: October 23, 2014

Senator Chris Murphy was at Sacred Heart University on Wednesday to commend the University on the implementation of its SHU Safe phone application. As part of his effort to reduce the number of sexual assaults on college campuses, Murphy has called on the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Justice to adopt the innovative technology and use it as a model for other colleges.

In his remarks, he thanked Sacred Heart not only for SHU Safe but for being a leader in campus safety. “This is just the latest example on the part of Sacred Heart of a robust commitment to being a leader in enhancing campus safety,” he said. “SHU Safe is a life saver, and every single college and university across the country should have the advantage of this new app. Its genius is its simplicity. It’s about getting information in the most effective and efficient way possible to Campus Safety as quickly as possible.”

Murphy also praised the features of the app, noting that the “check-in” feature empowers students to take control of their own campus, monitor themselves and have peace of mind. He believes the most innovative feature is the ability to report something suspicious. “We’ve all heard ‘if you see something, say something,’ but it’s not always clear how you do that. Now there’s no question about what you do. You take a picture on your smartphone, send it to Campus Safety, and now it’s in the hands of someone who can do something. In so many ways, this application is going to make Sacred Heart a safer place. This technology should be the standard at colleges across the country.”

SHU President John Petillo commended Mike Trimble, vice president for Information Technology & Security, and the entire Public Safety team for recommending and implementing the SHU Safe application. Noting that student and staff safety is the University’s primary concern, he also thanked Murphy for recognizing the importance of SHU Safe and its ability to help keep the University community safe.

Those gathered also heard from Public Safety Officer Stephanie Trelli, who described the features of the SHU Safe app, and Student Body President Nicole Gittleman who recently spearheaded SHU Safety Week, which was designed to encourage students to download the app to their phones as well as educate them on ways to protect themselves both on and off campus. 

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