Green SHUs Environmental Club Offers Tips to SHU Community

Members of the Green SHUs talk with fellow students about going green.

News Story: November 21, 2014

Members of the Green SHUs environmental club recently presented a colloquia that included 10 easy ways that members of the SHU community can commit to a greener lifestyle. The tips were presented through amusing videos with a discussion after each of the videos was shown.

The tips included riding a bike to campus, using the hydration stations on campus, bringing a SHU mug to outtakes for a 50-cent cup of coffee, making double-sided copies and concluded with the suggestion that students join the Green SHUs Environmental Club as a way to help spread awareness and “greenify” their Tuesday evenings. 

We had a great turnout; there were more than 50 in the audience and that is a huge success for us,” said Edward Garrity ’15, who co-founded the club with Matt Cole ’15 and now serves as co-president with Cole. “There was a lot of participation in the discussions, and we got a bunch of laughs from the crowd after the small videos. Overall we were very happy with how the presentation ran and are excited for out next colloquia in the spring.” 

To view the videos, click here. If you are unable to view the photo gallery below, click here.