Revolutionary TrueBounce Backboards Installed

Eric Britto and Wayne Newton of TrueBounce install one of their backboards in the Pitt Center.

News Story: June 24, 2014

Nationally recognized sports equipment manufacturer TrueBounce installed two of its patent protected backboards on the 17th of June in the William H. Pitt Center at Sacred Heart University. This NCAA Division I University in Fairfield, Connecticut is the first school to install the revolutionary backboard in one of their playing facilities after the NCAA approved the product for a trial period.

“We have always been Pioneers, so it makes sense to for us to experiment with potentially groundbreaking technology. We are excited to test the new backboard and we look forward to seeing how it will improve the in-game experience for the players,” said Elizabeth Luckie, Sacred Heart University's Associate Athletic Director. 

The TrueBounce backboard is backed by a unique patent-protected technology that “softens” shots by absorbing 28% of the energy of the ball, creating a true touch off the backboard. This “true” touch off the backboard creates increased field goal percentages, a resurrection of the mid-range game, a reinforcement of fundamental skills and returns the game back to a true team experience.

The creators of this revolutionary backboard noticed the art of the mid-range game has faded with the shift from wood to glass backboards. The problem is instead of dropping from the backboard into the basket, the glass material of today’s indoor backboards causes the ball to bounce back over the rim and out of scoring territory. Eric Britto and Wayne Newton’s technology eliminates this problem completely, softening the bounce to allow the ball to fall through the rim.

Along with this increase in field goal percentages the backboard reintroduces the importance of boxing out. A player who properly boxes out will now receive more rebounds compared to when a player boxes out with the today’s glass backboards. With the TrueBounce backboards absorbing more energy, the ball is less likely to go over the heads of those who properly box out, rewarding these players with more rebounds and improving the flow of the game.

TrueBounce backboards are used in high schools across the nation and the title of “preferred” supplier of basketball backboards in key markets including Boston, Atlanta, Maryland County, San Francisco, New Jersey, and New York City. They are also used at Harding High School in Bridgeport and Rocky Hill High School in Rocky Hill, Conn. Today, TrueBounce has emerged as the most important new basketball technology to date, with endorsements ranging from the New York Knicks to major parks around the country.

When Eric Britto was asked what this installation meant for the future of TrueBounce Britto said “As we keep receiving positive feedback from players, we keep expanding into new markets. That’s what keeps us moving forward.” He said “the players desire to use our backboards is what is gaining us acceptance on official courts, I really see no limit to how far TrueBounce’s backboard can go.”

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