Volleyball Bingo Increases Crowd, Adds to Fun at Home Games

The women's volleyball team

News Story: December 23, 2014

This year, there was a new twist for spectators at Sacred Heart University’s home women’s volleyball games—bingo! The brainstorm of Bobby Valentine, executive director of intercollegiate athletics, the game involves swiping a bar code to receive the app for the game. The numbers on the card are related to the action in the game. For example, K1 would be the first kill by the Pioneers, A3 would be the third ace or P16 would be the 16th point scored by the home team.

Robert Machan, head coach for women’s volleyball, says the bingo app increased both attendance at home games and interest in the action. “If you have A4, you are going to be all the more excited by every ace. It’s also a great way to learn the rules of the sport,” he points out. The app was developed by Scott Grandpre, assistant coach for women’s volleyball.

The student who pushes the bingo light on the app once a bingo has been completed wins a prize. Prizes have included gifts cards, gift baskets and more.

Machan and Grandpre believe the bingo app could be expanded to include many more—if not all—SHU sports. “I envision bigger and better prizes for Warrior of the Week or Superfan of the Fall Season going to the person who has the most wins in a week or a season,” he says.