Students Meet Consul General of Luxembourg

WCOB Dean John Chalykoff and Jean-Claude Knebeler

News Story: April 16, 2014

A group of 24 students from the Welch College of Business had a chance to hear from Jean-Claude Knebeler, consul general of Luxembourg in New York City, prior to visiting the country. The students will be in Luxembourg for two or three weeks in late May and early June.  During their visit there, they will take a course, visit several corporations and travel to both Metz and Paris in France as well as Trier, Germany. 

Knebeler started by telling the students they would be in Luxembourg during the most beautiful time of year. He went on to share the history of the country and how it has continually reinvented itself, explaining that it is filled with a melting pot of people representing more than 190 nationalities and many spoken languages. He also talked about the current climate in Europe—the rebound of the euro and the growth of the information and banking sectors in Luxembourg.  

A question-and-answer session took place following his talk. When asked what advice he would give to students who are making the trip to Luxembourg and also considering working in Europe, he told them to talk to everybody. “Engage. Experience as much as you can. Don’t necessarily judge everything by your own experiences. Be open,” he said.

Knebeler also toured the University’s campus while he was here. 

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