Nursing Faculty Partner on Book: Role Development For the Nurse Practitioner

Professors Julie Stewart and Sue DeNisco

News Story: October 18, 2013

Sacred Heart University Professors Susan DeNisco and Julie Stewart recently published a textbook for nursing practitioners titled, Role Development For the Nurse Practitioner.

The textbook provides a unique insight into the roles and activities of nurse practitioners from the perspective of both professors who together have years of family nurse practitioner and doctor of nursing practice experience. It is designed to show students, practitioners and administrators what is needed for an empowering work environment, role satisfaction and opportunities for improved patient outcomes. It is the first textbook to focus solely on nurse practitioner roles.

“We are very excited and pleased that our book has been published. This book has been something I have wanted to do since graduating from my family nurse practitioner program here at Sacred Heart, and I am proud to have accomplished this by partnering with my colleague,” said Stewart.

Although nurse practitioners build on the foundation of nursing theories for role development, their education is supplemented with the science of medicine to develop a unique role. In addition, many nurse practitioner programs have made the doctor of nursing practice the basic level of education. Due to the uniqueness of this blended role, the textbook is ideal for a wide variety of audiences from nurse practitioners to faculty and students.

The authors supplement their expertise as family nurse practitioners and teachers with themes from surveys, interviews and previous research to describe the role of nurse practitioners. Both women believe the Role Development For the Nurse Practitioner can be a go-to source for identifying elements for a successful career in nursing.

“We have been fortunate to have other members of the school of nursing faculty contribute to individual chapters. Nurse practitioners have an important and unique role in our health-care system, providing quality care to patients in the United States and globally. Our book focuses on the nurse practitioner, clinical education and collaboration and leadership in health-care systems. This book will assist faculty to facilitate discussion with students during their education and role transition,” said Stewart.