Jack Welch Meets with Business Students and Faculty

Jack Welch is welcomed by students.

News Story: October 23, 2013

Former General Electric CEO Jack Welch, for whom Sacred Heart University’s College of Business is named, was on hand last week to answer questions and exchange ideas with business students and faculty members at an invitation-only event in the Schine Auditorium. The event was moderated by SHU President John J. Petillo, who is the former dean of the Welch College of Business.

After a few questions from Petillo, the floor was opened to the students and faculty. Topics ranged from politics and the economy to business ethics and job hunting as the standing-room-only crowd was prepared with questions for the successful business leader.

In addition to lively discussions on the government shut down, the Affordable Care Act, the impact of technology and more, Welch offered advice on job hunting and building a career that is valuable for all students.

“Your biggest homework assignment ever is the one you have before you go on a job interview. Go with a thirst for the job and complete knowledge of the company where you are interviewing,” he advised. “Tell them what you can do for them. And once you are in, don’t just do what is asked of you—over deliver. If you do something you love, you will never work a day in your life. Find something you are good at and that you have a passion for.”

To those dreaming of entrepreneurship, he said, “don’t just say that you want to be an entrepreneur; have a hell of an idea. We do have a healthy venture capitalist market, so if you have a good idea, you can succeed.”