Professors Present at AAC&U Conference

News Story: November 4, 2013

Sacred Heart University Professors Michelle Loris, Anita August and Marie Hulme presented at the recent Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U) conference in Providence, R.I., in October. The presentation, entitled “Establishing an Engaged Community of Learners around Global Questions Using Interactive Technology,” was part of the AAC&U's Conference on Global Learning in College: Asking Big Questions, Engaging Urgent Challenges. In response to a call for presentations on innovative projects, the team presented on SHUsquare.

Hulme discussed Dean Seamus Carey’s vision for a space where students develop a voice on issues that affect the global community—issues of justice, conflict, race, gender and sustainability of resources among others. She also showcased the SHUsquare site and its potential for connectivity and collaboration around big ideas. August described a five-point strategy to develop a digital writing community, and Loris shared her use of SHUsquare as a tool for engaging students in multi-disciplinary learning through hubs with other professors.

“From the feedback received during and since the conference, it is clear that SHUsquare is an innovative project attracting interest from educators across the country,” Hulme said.