SHU Launches Life and Sport Analysis Clinic

Clinical Exercise Scientist Brendan Rickert checks the BMI of athletic training major Kaitlyn Doyle ’14 by using the Bod Pod.

News Story: May 1, 2013

Sacred Heart University officially launched its Life and Sport Analysis Clinic (LSAC) earlier this semester. Based at the Oakview building in Trumbull, the clinic was founded in 2009 in a condensed form, but now it is running at capacity with a dedicated, full-time staff.

“The idea was born a few years ago when a couple of the faculty on campus noticed that there was a missing link within the health care system,” says Brendan Rickert, clinical exercise scientist at LSAC. “So we created something that does not exist in many other places in the area or in the country. We’re trying to be on the cutting edge of modern. We think that in the future, our services will complement physical therapy clinics, so we’re trying to stay ahead of the curve by offering the best client-based exercise information and services.”

The clinic works with clients and patients using contemporary-based research to investigate each individual’s goals and needs. “We use state-of-the art laboratory equipment for analysis, including three-dimensional motion analysis,” Rickert says. The clinic also uses a “Bod Pod,” which is a body composition measuring device, along with other emerging technologies that are not yet used in most facilities, especially not in franchise gyms or commercial rehabilitation practices.

Another facet that sets LSAC apart is its community outreach, which aligns perfectly with the University’s mission. In addition to group exercise classes on campus, the staff has run senior classes at retirement centers in the Fairfield area, focusing on balance and strengthening exercises.

“We are really a client-based clinic, and we get a wide variety of people who come in,” Rickert says. “We have people who are 5K runners as well as 70-year-olds who just want to lose some weight. Not many places have such a wide range of diversity when it comes to services. We are open for exercise advice and programming, nutritional advice and anything within the spectrum of exercise and health that can apply to elite athletes, your everyday individual and compromised populations.”

The LSAC staff includes faculty from the Exercise Science, Athletic Training and Physical Therapy Departments. Additionally, undergraduate and graduate students have employment opportunities at the clinic, including clinical rotational hours.