SHU Receives the Santa Energy Green Business Award

Paul Healy, executive director of Campus Operations, left, is presented with the Santa Energy Green Business Award by Tom Santa, president and CEO of Santa Fuel, during the Bridgeport Regional Business Council's 139th Annual Meeting on June 6.

News Story: June 7, 2013

Sacred Heart University is the recipient of the Santa Energy Green Business Award, which is presented to a candidate that displays comprehensive steps for sustainability across multiple departments and operational functions to meet community-based responsibilities for the environment.

Paul Healy, executive director of Campus Operations, Emergency Management & Public Safety, submitted the 20-page application to the Bridgeport Regional Business Council. “The award means we are meeting and exceeding our goal as a corporate entity for environmental compliance and stewardship as a member of the greater Fairfield County community,” Healy said. 

The application outlined several green approaches by faculty, students and staff at Sacred Heart University. For example, the Campus Operations Department instills energy-usage awareness by promoting gas and electric data through an Energy Dashboard. Also the Sacred Heart University community has implemented a single-stream recycling system that resulted in a steady decline in the cumulative waste and an increase in recycled materials. The campus Public Safety team uses hybrid and fuel-efficient vehicles such as Ford Fusions and Ford Escapes that resulted in approximate savings of $25,000. Other environmental actions include partnerships with UI and SCG to implement energy efficiency retrofit, renovation and new construction projects resulting in a $650,000 energy cost savings over the past decade. Finally, Sacred Heart University has used green products for cleaning, paper products and landscaping. 

Healy also noted that Sacred Heart University is committed to teaching students a blend of social, environmental and moral responsibilities while they pursue their chosen academic studies. He believes that students have the ability and responsibility to take the lead in preserving and protecting our natural resources for future generations. Students contribute by running an environmental club titled “Green SHUs” that serves as a common interest group involved in education, action and outreach relating to various environmental issues. The Bridgeport Regional Business Council presented the award on June 6. Healy accepted the award on behalf of his entire team, including the following:

  • Vice Provost for Special Academic Programs for the Environment Mary Lou DeRosa
  • Director of Custodial Services and Moves Trigona Mililli – Green Cleaning Program
  • Manager of Logistics and Emergency Planning Jeffery Barrett – Compliance for Hazardous Wastes
  • Manager of Special Projects Ed Dobransky – Single Stream Waste Management
  • Public Safety Officer Ben Benson – University Hybrid Vehicle Program