Campus Ministry Program Fosters Community at SHU

News Story: June 11, 2013

“Different Breads, Different Spreads” is a program begun by Sacred Heart University’s student campus ministry during the past spring semester. The monthly event was the brainchild of senior Trevor Kelly, who organized it along with students Shawnee Zyskowski and Maggie Borchardt. “The program is, first and foremost, a time of Christian fellowship,” said Kelly, who graduated May 19 with a degree in philosophy and religious studies. The campus ministry peer group invites members of the faith community, including adjunct professor Rabbi Suri Kreiger and others such as the philosophy, religious studies and theology clubs. 

Zyskowski, who hails from Altamont, N.Y., and majored in English, explained that the program was born out of the campus ministry’s desire to focus on fostering a faith community. “We have small Christian groups where people get together to read scripture and share their life experiences, and we have bigger monthly events like praise and worship and “Different Breads, Different Spreads,’ ” she said. Kelly, a resident of Bridgeport who is originally from East Berlin, said that the discussion was often on hot button, contemporary issues for Roman Catholics. “In months past, we covered Catholic women priests, contraception and abortion, the Gnostic Gospel of Mary and the election of Pope Francis,” he said.

Prior to the rousing discussions, attendees would enjoy a variety of food. “We get together and literally break bread,” said Zyskowski. “One night we did pizza, another we did pita and dips and another we did grilled cheese and soup.” Kelly described the food as “nothing short of spectacular” and noted that there is a reason for it. “We take that aspect of fellowship very seriously, and want to share only the best of what we have, both spiritually through the food and intellectually through the discussion,” he said. “In all, Breads and Spreads was an opportunity for students and faculty to come to the same table and be Catholic in the fullest sense of the word—in community, in faith and in a loving, judgment-free atmosphere.”