Professor Damon Maulucci’s Film Lauded on the Festival Circuit

Professor Damon Maulucci

News Story: July 25, 2013

“Anytime you make a movie, you learn something. Every single day.” So says writer/director/producer – and co-founder of Sacred Heart University’s film & television master’s programDamon Maulucci, whose first narrative feature, Detonator, made its NYC premier at the Brooklyn Film Festival to terrific acclaim.

Deemed one of “Brooklyn’s Best” by the Wall Street Journal and “one of the strongest pictures at the fest” by the Village Voice, Detonator follows 30-something Sully (Lawrence Levine) on an all-night odyssey through the underground punk music scene of Philadelphia. Filmed entirely on location, the film has been called “the discovery of the festival” by Filmmaker magazine while Rogue Cinema praised the film as “a fine dramatic piece, with an excellent story, utterly authentic acting, with a superior score.”

And while some might be inclined to relax their teaching responsibilities to focus on their artistic endeavors, Maulucci sees the two as perfectly symbiotic. “The thing I love about teaching,” he explains, “is how you are constantly involved in people’s stories.”

Recognizing the University’s easy reach to Stamford (“the media hub of Connecticut”) and the metro-NY area, Maulucci has intentions of building SHU into nothing short of a world-class conservatory film school. “There’s a great need for content across a whole variety of platforms—film, television, internet, advertising, social media…you name it—and it’s important to bring that cinematic experience to all forms.”

Shot on a shoestring budget, the film’s success lends authority to Maulucci’s insistence that story be the driving force behind his work with the students in Sacred Heart’s FTMA program. “Don’t discriminate by the size of the screen,” he says. “Tell the story well, in whatever platform. That’s what stands out.”

*Maulucci’s feature-length documentary, Paul Williams Still Alive, has also received significant praise and is currently playing in rotation on the Showtime network.