Master’s Program in Accounting to Launch in Fall 2014

News Story: August 29, 2013

Sacred Heart University has announced plans for a new master’s program in accounting, designed to meet the needs of students who are preparing for the CPA Exam.

“Students need 150 credits to qualify for the CPA Exam, so we have had students ask for the fifth year to prepare them for the exam,” said Barbara Tarasovich, professor of Accounting and Information Systems and director of the new master’s in accounting program.  “This program will allow incoming freshmen to prepare for the five-year program as soon as they arrive at Sacred Heart and will enable them to begin their professional careers more quickly.”

The five-year program will combine a bachelor’s and master’s degree in accounting. Students with degrees from other colleges or in other disciplines can apply for the one-year master’s program.

The program will offer two concentrations—forensic accounting and international accounting. The forensic accounting concentration will teach students to apply forensic accounting principles in complex financial transactions, such as mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcies and contract disputes. The international accounting concentration responds to a growing demand for international rules as a result of the globalization of business. Students will learn about the latest activities of the International Accounting Standards Board. “These concentrations are not widely available, which should make Sacred Heart’s program appealing to potential students,” Tarasovich said.

SHU’s 30-credit master’s in accounting program is designed to be completed in one year.  The courses will be offered in a trimester schedule with most classes held online in conjunction with monthly Saturday seminars.

Courses include financial accounting theory and practice, advanced issues in management accounting, federal taxation, contemporary issues in auditing and more. Courses will be taught by established scholars in accounting—some of whom have life experience in the business world. In addition, experts will serve as guest speakers on current and developing accounting topics. SHU expects to roll out the program for the fall of 2014.

“CPA firms hired more than 40,000 new accounting graduates in 2012. The demand for qualified accounting graduates is at an all-time high, and the AICPA survey indicates that nearly 90 percent of public accounting firms estimate that they will maintain or increase the number of graduates hired in the future,” Tarasovich said. “All signs indicate that this is the right time to add a master’s in accounting program.”