Energy Rebates Help Sacred Heart University Save Money

News Story: September 1, 2012

Sacred Heart University’s department of Campus Operations is the ever-present force that keeps the university running smoothly. While much of what Campus Ops does is very visible to the university community, there are many things behind the scenes that the department does to help enhance the university’s environment. One of its most accomplished is Sacred Heart’s involvement with The Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund.

The fund provides financial assistance for projects that help reduce energy use for homes and businesses. Participation allows Sacred Heart to pay for university renovations and construction that reduce energy use, while saving the university money and creating a more environmentally friendly campus. The fund was set up to “advance the efficient use of energy, reduce air pollution and negative environmental impacts and promote economic development and energy security,” says Executive Director of Public Safety, Emergency Management and Campus Operations Paul Healy.

Healy, a former chief inspector with the Connecticut State Police who also has experience in the utility industry, currently leads Sacred Heart’s involvement with the fund, which has a goal to be “good stewards of university funds and a good corporate citizen in greater Fairfield County.” Sacred Heart has been involved with these types of programs under previous leadership and is constantly exploring new ways to advance involvement and energy efficiency. These are broad in scope and include studying options such as solar power, fuel cells and even geothermal energy.

Before a new construction or renovation is started on campus, Campus Ops conducts a cost-to-benefit analysis on the project and contacts the university’s Energy Fund account representative at the United Illuminating Holding Company (UI) to see if the project qualifies for direct funding or rebate funds for improving energy efficiency. UI independently reviews the university’s data and makes a projected award in incentive rebate dollars based on the actual decrease in energy use measured in kWh hours. In recent years, the University has received over $650,000 in incentives from the fund.

Healy describes the university’s involvement with the fund as a “win/win situation for SHU and our Energy Partners.” Sacred Heart is able to become a more environmentally friendly community while saving money and creating less strain on the local power grid and natural gas supplies. Sacred Heart’s administration fully supports the use and advancement of this program to help better the University.

“The Leadership Team at Campus Operations views these programs as true opportunities to achieve new or improved operational systems to better serve the SHU community. The Campus Operations motto speaks to how we feel ‘Pride in Service’ always,” concludes Healy.

The Energy Efficiency Fund is supported by all CL&P and UI customers through the Combined Public Benefits Charge on their electric bill and by customers of Connecticut Natural Gas, Southern Connecticut Gas Company and Yankee Gas Services Company through a conservation charge included in their rates. To learn more, visit