Class of 2016 Formally Welcomed at Induction Ceremony

News Story: September 12, 2012

Members of Sacred Heart University’s Class of 2016 were welcomed into the University community during an Induction Ceremony on Wednesday, September 12.

The student welcome was delivered by Mia James ’13, president of Student Government, who advised the freshmen to take advantage of the many opportunities that Sacred Heart has to offer. “The best part about all of this is that one day during your time here at Sacred Heart, you will find the perfect balance – a balance of the classes that you love that intrigue and challenge you and the service projects that capture your heart as well as the organizations or teams you join where you will meet weekly, even daily, to practice or talk or plan and execute events that will enhance your time management and leadership skills,” she said. “Everyone is here for a purpose. What is yours?”

Dr. Gary Rose, professor of Government and Politics, provided the faculty welcome. He talked about the importance of a strong foundation and how the University’s new Foundational Core for freshmen will prepare them not only for the courses they will take in college, but for the rest of their lives. “Your academic success at Sacred Heart University is fully dependent on your efforts and mastery of our new Foundational Core… so much of your success depends on what sort of academic foundation you are willing to build for yourself,” he said.

During the president’s welcome, Dr. John J. Petillo encouraged the students to make their mark on the University. “By your participation, our culture of learning and community service becomes strengthened. By your participation, by your exhaustion, by your reflection, all of us and each of us can grow and mature. Class of 2016, be engaged. You won’t regret it,” he said.

Members of the Class of 2016 were accompanied on their march up the hill by the University marching band. During the ceremony, the Combined Sacred Heart University Choirs performed with featured soloist, Stephanie Taglianetti ’12.

To view more photos from the event, click HERE.