Business Students Get Hands-On Marketing Experience in Luxembourg

News Story: September 10, 2012
 Students visit Bofferding.

Two weeks at Sacred Heart University’s Luxembourg campus over the summer gave eight undergraduate students from the Welch College of Business a hands-on experience in marketing. The Principles of Marketing class, taught by Dr. Anca Micu, included corporate visits in addition to the daily class meetings. The students had a chance to visit Skype headquarters, the European Court of Justice and the largest local brewery – Bofferding.

The day-long visit to the Bofferding brewery included a detailed presentation of the global and local beer market as well as the company’s strategy for marketing beer locally. “The best part of that visit was the ability to see how marketing actually works in reality,” said Alexey Karpinskyi, a student in the class.

“The visit to Bofferding was very informative in a marketing aspect. The presentation that we attended in the beginning opened my eyes to marketing approaches that I would never have thought of. The corporate visit was key to the course and bringing the concepts together,” added student Keith Hartmann.

Dr. Micu, center, with her
class in Luxembourg.

Not all students in the class were marketing majors so the Bofferding visit was a compressed set of examples of several marketing aspects. “This trip gave us all the opportunity to learn about the business world in Europe while keeping us interested on the topic. It was very interesting to hear about all the planning that goes behind the production and distribution of a local beer,” said Sean Vilar, an accounting major. “I learned about the differences between the business styles of various brewers in Europe and around the world. Personally, it helped me to better understand how an accountant could get a job in a company like Bofferding. It also helped me to better understand the marketing class, because we had some real-life examples to use in class.”

The company generously hosted the students for the entire day. After a presentation, the students took a tour of the state-of-the art production facility. In addition to marketing strategy and its applications, students learned about production, how the company is structured, how many employees work in the business and how strategic decisions are made.
“I think it was a good experience for us to visit Bofferding. I have seen an example of how a small company starts and how it manages to grow,” said Alexey Karpinskiy.