Six Faculty Members Awarded Tenure

News Story: October 25, 2012

Sacred Heart University is committed to providing its students with top-tier faculty members.  The University reaffirmed its commitment to academic excellence when the Board of Trustees awarded tenure to six faculty members last spring. Congratulations to:


Dr. Jeanine K. Andreassi, assistant professor of Management. Dr. Andreassi graduated with a double major in psychology and economics from Lafayette College, an MBA from Baruch College of the City University of New York (CUNY) and a doctorate from the Graduate Center of CUNY. She has taught in the areas of management, organizational behavior and human resources. Her publications have been in the field of work-family and have focused on work-life culture, personality, and coping. Most recently, she became interested in the impact of unemployment on the work-family interface.


Dr. Lesley DeNardis, assistant professor of Government and Politics. Dr. DeNardis joined the faculty of Sacred Heart University in 2006. Her teaching and research interests include American government, public policy and public administration, Latin American politics and political economy. Dr. DeNardis has presented papers at political science conferences and has published articles in scholarly journals. A former local elected official, she has also advised state and local government in a variety of public management areas. She received her doctorate from the University of Connecticut in 2002.

Beau Kjerulf Greer, assistant professor and director of the graduation program in Exercise Science and Nutrition. Dr. Greer graduated with a bachelor’s degree in health and exercise science and a master’s degree in exercise science from Furman University. He earned a doctorate in human movement from Florida State University. Dr. Greer’s research interests include dietary supplement efficacy and safety, and he has published numerous articles on these and other subjects. He professionally consults regarding exercise and nutritional influences on weight management and chronic disease risk, global impact of dietary selection and accuracy of food company advertisements.


Dr. James McCabe, associate professor of Criminal Justice. Dr. McCabe received his bachelor’s degree from Queens College and master’s degrees from Empire State College and John Jay College. He earned his doctorate from CUNY Graduate Center. Prior to his academic career, Dr. McCabe completed 21 years of service with the New York City Police Department where he held numerous command level positions. He was also the executive officer of the Police Commissioner’s Office and the 113th Precinct in South Jamaica. He retired in 2006 from the New York Police Department with the rank of Inspector.


Dr. Thomas Terleph, associate professor of Biology. Dr. Terleph works in the areas of animal behavior and behavioral neuroscience, conducting research in both the lab and field. Most of his work involves the study of animal vocal communication. He has investigated calls and songs, and their neural correlates, in a number of species from birds to mammals. Students in his lab have participated in projects that include investigations of the ultrasonic vocalizations of monogamous prairie voles (Microtus ochrogaster) and the recording and analysis of songs from the White handed Gibbon (Hylobates lar). He maintains a colony of prairie voles in his lab and collaborates with the LEO Zoological Conservation Center for studies of vocal communication in other species.

Dr. Sara Ross, assistant professor of Communications. Dr. Ross, who earned her doctorate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has research interests that include women and film, 1920s film and culture and screenwriting. She has published numerous articles on these topics and more.