Professor Nathan Lewis Seeks Help in Creation of McMahon Commons Mural

News Story: October 18, 2012
 Professor Nathan Lewis works with students.

Nathan Lewis, assistant professor of Art & Design, is working with the Sacred Heart community to create a 6’x18’ painting for the McMahon Commons. With the help of student interns, Lewis hopes to create a mural that will be a metaphorical and literal portrait of Sacred Heart University.

The mural will emphasize the best of what Sacred Heart has to offer. A variety of figures will represent the various fields of study, activities and services that define the university.  The mural will feature between 30 and 100 figures that will accurately depict members of the Sacred Heart community. Lewis intends to represent the diverse aspects of life at Sacred Heart through his artwork.

“Because the mural is for the student commons, the life and development of students during their time at Sacred Heart will play a central role in the concept of the mural,” Lewis said.

Lewis is reaching out to students, faculty and staff to help bring the mural to life. He wants feedback on how various majors, clubs, sports, colleges, departments and programs should be represented in the mural. Students, faculty and staff members who have suggestions are encouraged to send Lewis an email with “Mural Project” in the subject line.

Lewis has launched a Facebook page to keep everyone updated on the mural’s progress. A time-lapse video shows those who visit the page a unique creation of the mural. Visit the page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Student-Commons-Mural-Project-for-Sacred-Heart-University/528755413808165.

“The mural is a great way to showcase not only the diversity that Sacred Heart has to offer, but the talents of our faculty. It’s exciting that Professor Lewis has decided to make it a true community project,” said University President John J. Petillo.

The mural will be completed by September 2013 and will be displayed on the large marble wall outside Red’s pub in the Commons.