ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike Entertain SHU Crowd

News Story: October 17, 2012
'Mike & Mike in the Morning' cohosts Mike Greenberg, left, and Mike Golic spoke in the Edgerton on Oct. 16 as part of the
Student Affairs Lecture Series. To view additional photos from the event, click here.

ESPN Radio’s Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg were on hand at Sacred Heart University Tuesday evening to share stories of their partnership and friendship and, of course, to talk sports. The program was part of the 2012-2013 Student Affairs Lecture Series.

The duo opened the program by sharing the beginnings of their partnership. After modeling his Sacred Heart sweatshirt before an enthusiastic crowd of SHU students and members of the local community, Golic explained that after his previous partner moved on to another gig, ESPN began auditioning replacements. His wife would listen to every show and weigh in with an opinion.

“In between the guest hosts, members of the ESPN staff would fill in. Eventually it was my turn,” Greenberg told the crowd. “I took one look at this guy and decided the best approach was to make fun of him. I figured he would either laugh or punch me in the face. If he punched me in the face, I would sue him, so it was a win-win either way.” Greenberg started his guest host stint by saying, “I don’t want to say you’re a big guy, but if we stood next to each other, it would make the number 10.” Golic laughed, and the rest is history.

“I called my wife after the first 10 minutes on air with Greenie, and she said, ‘he sounds a little geeky, but he’s the one,’ ” Golic said.

The two spent a half hour sharing stories before spending an hour taking questions from the audience. Those stories included the time Golic interrupted the broadcast with the breaking news that Colin Powell had re-signed. “Who spells it the same?” he asked of Powell’s resignation. “I thought it was a seven-year, $35 million-dollar deal.”

“I am now officially in charge of breaking news,” Greenberg added.

During the Q&A, the broadcasters answered a range of sports questions. Here are some highlights.

Golic on Tim Tebow: He is a great person, but I don’t think he will ever be a starting quarterback for one team for a number of years. I don’t see that happening.

Golic on favorite sports venue: Wrigley was great, but even after nine years in the NFL, nothing compared to coming out of the tunnel at Notre Dame (where he played college football).

Greenberg on favorite sports venue: My favorite experience was covering my first Super Bowl in the Rose Bowl.

Greenberg on his first act if he was name Commissioner of Baseball: I would call that guy out at second base in the Yankee game. Seriously, baseball moves too slowly…I would deal with the pace of play issues in every possible way.

Greenberg on benching Yankee superstars: The manager shouldn’t act like he is panicking. The team won 95 games during the regular season. You dance with the one who brought you.

Greenberg on Alex Rodriguez: I think they have destroyed Alex Rodriguez. I think they are going to have to eat $100 million of his contract.

Golic on who will win the World Series: Detroit

Greenberg on who will win the World Series: St. Louis

Golic on the best NFL team: The NFL is a week-to-week business, but this week, I would say the most complete team in the NFL is the Giants.

 Mike & Mike, right, talk with students.

The two also had advice for SHU students looking to get into sports broadcasting. “First and foremost, get as many reps as you can. Get behind a microphone whenever you have the opportunity,” Golic said. “And don’t put on an act. Be yourself. Some people will like it, and some people won’t.

Added Greenberg, “The most important thing you have to figure out is how to make a connection. Your job is to reflect interest, not to create it. Our number one job is to have a finger on the pulse of what people are interested in hearing about.”

Attendees walked away feeling that they had just spent 90 minutes with two men who love their families, love their jobs, love each other and don’t take anything for granted. “We are so lucky to have the support that ESPN has given us. It has opened so many doors. ESPN is an incredible company and an incredible place to work,” Golic said.